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About MySmartBaby Program:

MySmartBaby is an early learning program for Infants and Toddlers between the age of 0-3 years. This program focuses on Training Mothers to Train Kids and thus help them bring out the genius in their  child. Over 18,000+ parents and their children have benefited through our Program.  

For those aspiring to start an “MySmartBaby Centre”, this opportunity serves as a platform to –“Give back to society what society has given to them and at the same time, ensuring reasonable earnings”.

Franchise Opportunity:

The MySmartBaby Program enables you to enter business with a low initial cost, be assured that the risk of failure is much lower, benefit from the association with a strong brand, enjoy much higher returns on investment and realize your business dreams!

MySmartBaby Associate Partner Program could be the right choice for Women who aspire to become entrepreneurs and who are already successful in running educational or day care institutions for Children.

We believe that Women Empowerment is the key to Economic growth and we are here to provide you that edge in business in-order to build a nation with empowered Women.

Franchise Model with us:

MySmartBaby  Franchise will operate at city / town level and / or cater to the entire territory.  Franchise will be responsible for promoting company’s programs within the territory by devising innovative marketing activities and provide necessary training to mothers to train kids with MySmartBaby Kit.  Franchisees will have to put up a centre as per company’s specifications.

Infrastructure Specifications:

  • You will need 600 - 750 Sq.Ft Space in accessible location with minimum two rooms. 1 for front office & 1 for conducting workshops with air-conditioned facility.
  • The Training should be equipped with White / Black Board
  • Good Seating Arrangements
  • A Table for showing demo of the Product
  • A Laptop / Desktop to show the videos if required.
  • Complete Front Office setup


  • You will follow the Branding guidelines & Brand Manual to do the Interior of the Centre.

Investment Required

  • Deposit  / Franchise Fee – Non-refundable deposit of Rs. 1.5 Lakhs for 3 years
  • Franchise enrollment, Training and Kit Purchase – 1.0 Lakh
    • You will be provided with 20 kits
    • 1 Promotional Video that you can use for Marketing
    • Advertising Samples

Basically this is the only opportunity where you are given a franchise with zero fee and the money you pay is only for the Product.

Earning Potential:
Around 18 to 20 lakhs per annum.

We will provide:

  • Centre Setup Assistance
  • Launch Assistance
  • Technical Know-How, Training & Certification
  • Marketing Ideas and Guidelines
  • Day to Day Operation Support
  • 10 Kits as your enrollment Kit

Who Can Apply?

We look for the following in prospective partners:

a) Young, Energetic & Enthusiastic Individual/s
b) Passion for Education and Training
c) Excellent Communication & P.R Skills
d) Must be running an Educational Services Outfit (Pre School, Play School, Day Care, Training Centres etc).
e) Prior experience in Teaching, Training and Business Development would be an added advantage.
f) Must be able to invest approx. 1.5 - 2 Lakhs, which will include the cost for 10 kits and your marketing cost.

How to Apply?

Fill in the enclosed “Franchise Application” form and submit. When we get these forms, we will do a profile-matching and call you for personal discussion

Franchise Application