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International Program now in India

Researches done in recent decades in the field of brain development have time and again shown that ECE (Early Childhood Education) is critical and proves to be the foundation for a child’s future. During the past 20 years, research on the fetus and the new born has made tremendous progress and revolutionary new knowledge has been gained.

It has been found that the new born can from birth comprehend words, numbers and amazingly use the memory function. The new born is a genius with some amazing powers hidden inside.

What is truly unfortunate is that most of the research and findings have been published in the form of scholarly treatises or paper and as a result not been widely understood or practiced in India. This is because Indian learning system is unique and it requires lots of customization according to our environment.

We at My Smart Baby have taken special interest and care to incorporate those International Training Methods but at the same time customize them to the little citizens of the soil, because we Indians always believe ‘Go International but Be Indian’.